Overview Of HISAB


The HISAB School of Accountancy was founded in 2018 with the objective of providing quality education in the fields of Accountancy and Business. The Board of HISAB comprises a team of dedicated professionals holding rich practical experience of managing high profile businesses and imparting knowledge to the students’ aspiring for becoming a professional accountant.

The HISAB provides its students a most congenial environment that enhances their learning abilities. We have a team of highly motivated and enthusiastic faculty members who uses all required means of audio & visual of communications during their classes.

We ensure that our classes to be sufficiently interactive to resolve students’ queries instantly during the class whether ON CAMPUS or eHISAB (Online Classes). Also, instant delivery of relevant lecture notes through state of the art Learning Management System (LMS). We also provide practice questions to our students carefully selected from the past papers of ICAP and other disciplines like CIMA & ACCA etc. We also run an instant Students Intimation System (SIS) through SMS and email to equip them beforehand, informing them about any change in the class schedule, special make up classes or any other important information pertaining to them. Special mock test are arranged to ensure constant evaluation of the students and the progress reports are delivered to email. Our testing system for AFC simulates the environment of ICAP level Exam so that the students are fully comfortable with the final Exams of ICAP.

Our students’ have earned many Awards, Certificate of Merits and Gold Medals testifying the hard work and effective teaching of the faculty.


The HISAB’s vision is to produce respected future leaders in the field of Accountancy through such a systematic way of coaching that inculcate highest moral, ethical and professional values among future leaders.


The HISAB is dedicated to providing the quality professional education to CA students enabling them to reach to the higher pedestals of professional excellence and to bring about positive change in their lives.


To cope with the dynamic environment of the changing world, The HISAB is committed to inculcate the following professional values among the future accountants:

  • A Strong Work Ethics
  • Professionalism
  • Honesty and Integrity
  • Dependability and responsibility
  • Adaptability
  • Strong Self-Confidence