Leadership (Directors)

Yasir Riaz, FCA - The Principal

Mr. Yasir Riaz, FCA holds over twenty (22) years of teaching experience to his credit at different levels of Chartered Accountancy (CA Pakistan). His core area of professional expertise in teaching is Advance Financial Reporting. He also conducts Corporate Trainings for different government and private organizations on latest trends in Financial Reporting. He is widely respected for his devoted style of coaching. He has authored Practice Kit of Advanced Accounting and Financial Reporting for CFAP students. Mr. Yasir Riaz is the Director of The HISAB School of Accountancy (The HISAB) and Partner at Iqbal Yasir & Co. Chartered Accountants where he leads Assurance and Advisory function of the firm.

Saqib Riaz, FCA - Director

Mr. Saqib Riaz, FCA is a seasoned and passionate lecturer of Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Cost & Management Accounting holding over fifteen (15) years of teaching experience in various disciplines including CA Pakistan. He is renowned for his rigorous, exam-focused yet interesting teaching style and friendly association with students. He is also a trainer of Financial Reporting and Communication under the Directors’ Training Program for top executives and directors of various businesses. Mr. Saqib Riaz is the Director of The HISAB School of Accountancy and Chief Financial Officer of a multi-billion worth business house. He is an active member of the regional committees of ICAP.

Aamir Shahbaz, FCA - Director

Mr. Aamir Shahbaz, FCA is a renowned teacher of advanced Corporate Laws and Practices, business law, company law & tax practices with more than Fifteen (15) years of experience of teaching CA Pakistan courses. So far, his students have been awarded twelve (12) Certificates of Merit and four (4) Gold Medals. Mr. Aamir Shahbaz is the Director of The HISAB School of Accountancy and Senior Partner at MSI Aamir Salman Rizwan Chartered Accountants where he leads the taxation and corporate advisory function. He brings the experience of working as a Company Secretary to one of the largest listed corporations in Pakistan. He has authored Advanced Corporate Laws and Practices for CFAP-02, Business Laws for CAF-4 Company Law for CAF-7, Tax Practices for CAF-2 courses of CA Pakistan.