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Chartered Accountancy is a prestigious professional qualification being recognized all over the world. The qualification opens various opportunities to work in diversified fields such as finance, accounting, auditing, taxation, secretarial practices, operations management and overall business management in capacity of Chief Executive. With a unique blend of theory and practice, chartered accountancy equips its aspiring professionals with in-depth technical knowledge, business acumen, analytical skills and ethical standards preparing them to reach the highest corporate ladder in a short span of time. Professionals with CA Pakistan qualification are always in great demand in local and international markets to create value for their employers, clientele and public at large. Chartered Accountants are individuals with highest integrity, strategic thinking and zeal for lifelong learning.

Join CA Pakistan qualification  – unlocking endless opportunities.

Pre-requisite Education. HSSC (Intermediate) with 60% marks. (Marks between 50% – 60%, Attempt QAT) Three subjects at a Levels with minimum grade D, or equivalent qualification. Graduates with minimum of 45% marks.
Subject Paper Learning Objective Exams
Business Writing & Communication Skills PRC-1 Business English writing & grammar  Every Month
Quantitative Methods PRC-2 Mathematics & statistics  Every Month
Principles of Economics PRC-3 Basic Micro & Macro Economics / Finance  Every Month
Introduction to Accounting PRC-4 Basic Accounting  Every Month
Introduction to Business PRC-5 Business management  Every Month
Certificate in Accounting & Finance (CAF) Minimum Eligibility Student has passed PRC exam, or has availed exemption of PRC.  
Subject Paper Learning Objective Exams
Group A:
Financial Accounting & Reporting – I CAF-1 Advanced Level of PRC-4 March, September,
Tax Practices CAF-2 Income Tax and Sales Tax Laws March, September,
Cost & Management Accounting CAF-3 Production Costing and Management March, September,
Business Law CAF-4 Mercantile Law March, September,
Group B:
Financial Accounting and Reporting – II CAF-5 Advanced level of CAF-1 March, September,
Managerial & Financial Analysis CAF-6 Basic level of BFD & SPM March, September,
Company Law CAF-7 Basic Level of Advanced corporate Laws March, September,
Audit and Assurance CAF-8 Audit of Financial Statements March, September,

Certificate in Accounting & Finance (CAF)

Minimum Eligibility

Student has passed PRC exam, or has availed exemption of PRC.


SubjectPaperLearning ObjectiveExams
Advanced Accounting & Financial ReportingCFAP – 1Advanced Level of PRC-4March, September,
Corporate LawCFAP – 2Income Tax and Sales Tax LawsMarch, September,
Business Management and StrategyCFAP-3Production Costing and ManagementMarch, September,
Business Finance DecisionsCFAP-4Mercantile LawMarch, September,
Advanced TaxationCFAP-5Advanced level of CAF-1March, September,
Advanced Audit Assurance & Related ServicesCFAP-6Basic level of BFD & SPMMarch, September,
Financial Reporting & Assurance Professional CompetenceMSA-1Basic Level of Advanced corporate LawsMarch, September,
Management Professional CompetenceMSA-2Audit of Financial StatementsMarch, September,


Presentation and Communication Skills Course (PCSC)

The HISAB School of Accountancy is adequately equipped with the essentials of

Presentation and Communication Skills Course.

SubjectPaperLearning ObjectiveExams
Presentation and Communication Skills CoursePCSC-1Presentation SkillsMar, Jun, Sep, Dec

Exemption Criteria


(1) Exemptions are available based on marks %age and syllabus content. 


(2) Exemptions for A Level and Intermediate students are available.


(3) Exemptions for Graduates and Post Graduates are available.


(4) Exemptions are available for Professional Qualifications of ICMAP, PIPFA, ACCA and



Please contact Coordinator at Facilitation Desk of The HISAB in this regard.

ParticularsSubject FeeDiscount
College Registration Fee10000 
Business Writing & Comprehension Skill1000010% Discount Available
Quantitative Methods2000010% Discount Available
Principles of economics1500010% Discount Available
Introduction to Accounting1600010% Discount Available
Introduction to Business1400010% Discount Available
Total8500010% Discount Available

Particulars Subject Fee (on-campus/physical) Subject Fee (hybrid classes recorded lectures) Discount
College Registration Fee 0 0
6 Paper CFAP Package Fee 90000 70000 10% Discount Available
8 Papers CFAP Plus MSA Package 120000 950000 10% Discount Available
Regular Fee For:
AAFR 30000 25000 10% Discount Available
A.CLAW 25000 20000 10% Discount Available
SPM 20000 20000 10% Discount Available
BED 25000 20000 10% Discount Available
AARS 25000 20000 10% Discount Available
2 papper MSA Package 60000 50000 10% Discount Available
Regular Fee For:
MSA 1 30000 25000 10% Discount Available
MSA 2 30000 25000 10% Discount Available
ParticularsSubject Fee
Subject Fee
(hybrid classes recorded lectures)
CAF-1  Financial Accounting & Reporting-11600012000Mr. Saqib Riaz FCA
Mr. Yasir Riaz FCA
CAF-2 Tax Practices1600012000Mr. Aamir Shahbaz FCA
Mr. Shajeel ACA
CAF-3 Cost & Management Accounting1600012000Mr. Muhammad Samie ACA
CAF-4 Business Law1600012000Mr Aamir Shahbaz FCA
CAF-5 Financial Accounting & Reporting-II1600012000Mr. Yasir Riaz FCA
Mr. Saqib Riaz FCA
CAF-6 Managerial and financial Analysis1600012000Mr Muhammad Samie ACA
Mr. Arslan Mohsin ACA
CAF-7 Company Law1600012000

Mr Aamir Shahbaz FCA

Mr. Arslan Mohsin ACA

CAF-8 Audit & Assurance1600012000Mr. Nosherwan Khawaja ACA

Student Reviews

I have been fortunate to be a student of Hisab throughout my CA. Being taught by the best mentors helped me to pass my exams easily. The management is very accessible and helpful to students. I would say Hisab is the most-ranked institute for its unmatched excellence.

Hammad Yousaf

CAF student

Chartered accountancy as a profession is attracting a lot of young and witnessing rapid growth. It is a dynamic, challenging, and rewarding profession. In this regard, The Hisab School of Accountancy is performing a very wonderful job. Their teachers have proper knowledge about this course. They guide in each and every moment according to terms and requirements. Teachers give academic as well as practical knowledge related to the field and are always available for guidance with a very positive attitude. The management of the institute is also very corporative.

Adnan Khan

CAF Student

I have been a student of Hisab for over a year. My experience at Hisab has been sublime. The teachers and management have proved to be helpful and understanding. In my opinion, Hisab is probably the best institute for CA in Lahore.

Hammad Qureshi

CAF student

I would like to pass on some formal feedback from my FAR-1 teacher at HISAB, Sir Saqib. Through the entire length of our course, he taught us the concepts of accounting with practical point of view that helped us understand the application-based questions in the exam. I loved the class environment during his lecture, his friendly and jolly nature made it easy for us to interact and encouraged us to ask questions which helped a lot

Muhammad Qaiser

CAF Student

I am having a great learning experience at HISAB. My teachers are very cooperative, and their prompt feedback on class and test assignments is very helpful in analyzing our strengths and weaknesses. Practical exposure of the teachers at HISAB really helps us a lot to understand the Application based questions.

Rohab Mahmood

CAF student

During the Last attempt, I got the chance to study CAF-3 (CMAC) from a very friendly, polite, and respectful teacher, Sir Sami. His teaching style was very interesting and his vast knowledge and practical insight into the subject helped us a lot in understanding the scenario-based questions. It was a pleasure to be his student at The HISAB School of Accountancy. Thank you!

M. Touseef

CAF student

I embarked on my journey of CA with HISAB a year ago and it has been a good experience till date. The HISAB is a place where a student can expect personalized one on one doubt clearing sessions from the faculty. Following by its comprehensive testing material, students already do wonders. And in case of any query or doubt the teaching faculty is always ready to guide with personal assistance.

Hassan Imtiaz

CAF student

I am a student of CFAP currently studying at The HISAB School of Accountancy, I’ve found that the online classes offered by the management have been outstanding. The teaching style of the experienced faculty grabbing the attention of students through interesting and real-life scenarios make studies much easier.

Mehmood Ahmad

CFAP Student

I am a student of AFC currently studying at The HISAB School of Accountancy. The HISAB fulfills all my learning needs. The credit goes to teachers, who are doing a marvelous job at guiding me. I shall do my CAF also from here. I am very pleased to have chosen The HISAB for CA and highly recommend it to anyone who wants to do CA.

Muhammad Arsal Waheed

AFC Student

I have personally known all the teachers at HISAB, as I, myself was a student of them who not only transpired me into a qualified young professional but also many of my friends as well! Not only HISAB’s teachers’ dedication is valuable but their personal level attention to students and expertise in subject matter makes them stand out from the rest of Accountancy Institutes. I will strongly recommend newbies and advanced stage students to join HISAB.

Azeem Abid

Manager Financial Reporting - PABCL

Sir Saqib Riaz is a gem of a teacher in the field of business studies and my ultimate choice when it comes to study of Accounting & Reporting. I had studied CA Final's Financial Reporting from him and was able to attain professional expertise in this subject with the help of his guidance and support. With over 8 years of professional experience, me and many other students are just the product of our teachers and this CA qualification journey wouldn't have finished without their guidance and support.

Bilal Khalid ACA

Asst. Vice President - Shakarganj Foods

HISAB's study scheme and method of teaching is very well. I liked the regular testing of all subjects. On the whole my experience is great and I will recommend HISAB to anyone interested in doing CA.

Abdullah Bin Rizwan

AFC Student

I have concluded that for students, the path to qualify well in time is to be effectively coached & regularly tested. The HISAB provides a good platform for such progress. The HISAB has accommodated well during COVID.

Shamraz Arif

CFAP Student

I was inspired and amazed by the faculty here which I found to be very professional and always adaptive to effective strategies for students' success. The source behind my success is definitely The HISAB.

Muhammad Nadeem Akbar Rao

CAF Student